Breakaway Gothic font

Breakaway Gothic font

In contrast to the pure copying of English mediaeval Gothic font, which defended and promoted some influential ecclesiologists during the early “Gothic revival” period in the UK, most notably by Augustus the Valby Pudina and to the extent in pages of the quarterly Public magazine of Camden ( Ecclesiologist . 1841-68), Breakaway Gothic font provided less Anglo-Central interpretation of the Gothic style, and purposefully introduced elements of modernization to meet the needs of customers.

In ‘Breakaway Gothic font’ interests of good design may have rejected historical purity; the role of the architect was seen as the emergence of design solutions, and instead promote certain Gothic forms as a high-profile case in the pursuit of idealized high-Church and medieval belief systems.

Departing from the narrow confines of the approach adopted by some of the UK’s leading ecclesiologists’ during the early ‘Gothic revival’ period, architects who were willing to answer the demand for a Breakaway Gothic font . expanded its portfolio, attracting mainland European Gothic Continue reading

Islam is the first religion

Islam is the first religion

You can often hear the view that Islam is the youngest religion in the world, which appeared much later Christianity, Judaism and other religious teachings. In addition, widespread and yet another view that the Quran is the only Holy book for Muslims, they believe in it and deny other Scriptures. Many believe that the Muslims recognize the only only prophet Muhammad (peace and salutation of Allah), indicating that he is the founder of the Islamic doctrine.

But is it really? To answer this question, first of all, consider the meaning of the word “religion”. Religion is faith, spiritual faith, and worship of God. Religion is divided into monotheism, the belief in one Single Creator, God and pantheism – polytheism, belief in multiple deities at the same time. Monotheism revealed by God, and pantheism fictional people themselves. About it humanity has known through the divine Scriptures: the Scrolls revealed to certain prophets and Books (Torah, gospel, Quran),which were sent Messengers to the people, in different epochs of human development. This divine information has been communicated through numerous prophets who were called to believe in one Creator, in His books, Angels, Messengers, in the day of judgment. In their appeals Continue reading

Waterworks coast of Crimea

Ancient protective waterworks of the coast of Crimea

Sit, consider:

Map of the Russian Empire

the fourth card — the Crimea:

There are two clearly visible strange formations: 1. to the right of the Peninsula of Crimea, something long, thin, almost straight, closing the Crimea from the East 2.on the left side, near the mainland are also noticeably similar.

Somewhere I’ve seen…

The so-called Adam’s bridge

“…The shoal that Muslims call the bridge of Adam, and Hindus — the bridge of the Frame…”

“…the ridge is an accumulation of boulders of size 1.5×2.5 meters of the correct form, consisting of limestone, sand and coral. These

boulders lying on the sea sand, the thickness of which is 3 to 5 meters. And

just under the sand starts hard stone ground. The presence of free sand

below the boulders, obviously, indicates that the ridge is not a natural

education, and put on top of sand soil. Some of the boulders rastolkovali that can float on water…”

“… the destruction of the bridge will destroy the local

ecosystem. After all, to the North-East of the bridge is a turbulent and dangerous Polski

Strait with its storms and cyclones, and to the southwest is the Gulf of Mannar calm schistacea Continue reading

Transport facilities

Transport facilities

Construction of transport facilities in the city of Moscow is connected with the execution of works affecting all areas of city life. Directly the construction of bridge structures, construction of flyovers, vehicular and pedestrian tunnels preceded by a significant amount of organizational and technical measures and preparatory construction works, the cost of which frequently not less than of work on construction of main structures.

Transgidrostroy, participating in the construction of the ring road and 3rd ring road, except the transportation facilities mastered the technology and has implemented projects for the construction of treatment facilities of surface drains, performed a traditional firm works on removal, installation of new and relining reconstruction of engineering communications. On the construction of transport interchanges the Nahimovsky prospectus with the Warsaw highway transgidrostroy acted as General contractor and fully on time, and properly coped with this task.

Underground pedestrian crossings as traditional Transgidrostroy theme. Here to quality requirements, there is another important reason is the timing and speed of execution. Transgidrostroy and that always satisfy the customers, using the latest technology, and organizational Continue reading

Notre Dame

Notre Dame turned 850 years

This Wednesday marks the 850th anniversary of the laying of the first stone in the Foundation of the Paris temple. Today he is the most popular architectural monuments in France: every year it is visited by about 13 million tourists.

Atlantico: Since the construction of the Cathedral of Notre Dame 850 years have passed, but he still is the most visited landmark of the capital, leaving far behind the Eiffel tower and arc de Triomphe. The degree to which its unique architecture has contributed to this success?

Simon Tiksie: the Ability of Cathedral to of Paris is admired is largely associated with its Gothic architecture. Gothic churches, whether Notre Dame or the Cathedral in Chartres and Amiens, are symbols of French culture, and, surprisingly, much more than the buildings of the classicism epoch. Let castle in Versailles, and attracts many visitors, the French increasingly associate themselves with Gothic architecture.

See also: Madrid built a Russian Orthodox Church

In addition, not to mention the special beauty of the Paris Cathedral, which is related to the fact that it symbolizes the beginning of the Gothic era and is something of a bridge between Romanesque and Gothic style. In addition, he has served as a platform for multiple Continue reading

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Islam is the first religion
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