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A strange visitor comes knocking at the “gateway” [Exclusive Clip]

Something strange is hiding in this house.

Realized by niall owen, bridge is the latest entry in the Irish horror canon. Owens streams films such as Session 9 and kill list in the scary haunted house movie.

In Bridge:

Mike is a low-level drug dealer in debt to a ruthless supplier. When he and his gang move into an abandoned house, he thinks his problems are over. But a mysterious locked door inside the house and growing discord within the gang bring old feuds to the surface. As friendships unravel, the house begins to enact its own plan, using the gang’s deepest dark thoughts against them.

Like lambs to the slaughter, the men are drawn one by one into the room and there they are confronted with the evil world that lies dormant within them. The once locked door is now open and what lies beyond has its own desires.

In this exclusive clip, someone comes to the abandoned house where Mike and his gang have moved in and they all hide.

Look now:

Tim Creed, Kevin Barry, Laurence Ubong Williams, Fiona Hardy, John Ryan Howard and Jimmy Smallhorne star in the film.

bridge is out now on digital from Dark Sky Films.

1024x1517 gateway - A supernatural visitor comes knocking in new Irish horror 'Gateway' [Exclusive Clip]
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