Credit without information

When it comes to a loan without information, a loan without Credit Bureau information is meant in common parlance. Because the granting of loans is not completely without any information. There are various reasons for wanting to take out the special loan from Credit Bureau without any information. For example, it may be because the loan seeker’s Credit Bureau is negative.

That is why he does not get any credit from banks based in Germany that do not give up Credit Bureau information. But it can also have only the reason that the perfect Credit Bureau information should remain so perfect, because a larger financing project should start shortly. But it doesn’t really matter why a loan without information can be interesting. It is important that loan seekers pay attention to some things that are important for installment loans without information from Credit Bureau. Our contribution informs and clarifies.

Who can apply for a loan without Credit Bureau information?

If banks domiciled abroad do not see the Credit Bureau of a loan applicant and therefore do not know it, they need other collateral. In the case of a loan without Credit Bureau, this is a fixed employment relationship with the resulting attachable income. Only those who can prove a attachable income from a permanent position that has been in existence for a year have the prospect of getting the Credit Bureau-free loan. However, this also means that a relatively large group of people are excluded from these interesting loan offers, which credit intermediaries submit.

Unemployed people, Hartz 4 recipients and people who receive wage replacement benefits such as sick pay or child-raising allowance will not get a loan without Credit Bureau information. Self-employed and freelancers as well as trainees and students are also not eligible for a Credit Bureau-free loan. Also excluded are all those who have a permanent position, but only work part-time or are low-wage earners.

The group of people who theoretically benefit from these offers is therefore very manageable. If credit intermediaries advertise that they can broker loans even in difficult and hopeless cases and specifically target the unemployed, this does not testify to their seriousness. Loan seekers should therefore be careful.

Find a reputable credit broker

If you want to take out a loan without being informed by Credit Bureau, you should contact a reputable credit broker. The layperson can tell whether someone is working seriously, for example by not requiring any upfront costs. Reputable credit brokers also do not advertise that they can provide credit to virtually anyone without information. If you are unsure, you should contact a reputable company such as Bon Kredit with your loan request.

Credit details without information from Credit Bureau

The credit without Credit Bureau information is a small loan. The Fine Bank from Liechtenstein, which is the only foreign bank to issue the loan, provides either $ 3,500 or $ 5,000. This small loan must be repaid in 40 installments over a prescribed term of 42 months. The first two months of the term are redemption-free. Because the credit costs and agency fees are apportioned to the installments, the monthly installment for a 3,500 dollars loan is around 100 dollars.

To whom is the offer addressed

The offer of Fine Bank from Liechtenstein is aimed at workers, clerks and civil servants. But also to seniors who, however, must not have exceeded a certain age. In many cases, the Credit Bureau-free credit is really only requested to keep your Credit Bureau information clean. The loan can then run as a sub-loan that no other bank learns of.

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