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Discover Mexico’s Yucatán from a new angle: the gateway to the Mayan world, a film by Jordi Presa

GKLTD W has just released its most anticipated Yucatán travel video, the result of cooperation between camera maker Insta360 and Yucatán Tourism, the Mexican government’s tourism organization.

As previously stated by GKLTD W, the Yucatán travel video made by Jordi Presa was published on Sunday, January 23rd. it is the result of a partnership between the camera company Insta360 and the tourist organization of the Mexican government: Yucatán Tourism. The Yucatán Peninsula (Riviera Maya) is the setting for some of the most stunning images ever filmed, from the seabed to the sky, Insta360’s ONE R cameras were used by Edu Bastús and Jordi Presa to translate the beauty of Caribbean from a new angle: 360 degrees.

“I still remember when Jordi reached out and asked me if I wanted to go on their trip to Mexico, I was like… do I really have to answer you?” says Laia Folch.

Featuring Laia Folch, Candela Pardo, Edu Bastús and Jordi himself, the images are presented in chronological order. The team was able to capture every moment of their journey from an aerial, land and even underwater view, which started on the island of Cozumel where they were able to admire breathtaking sunsets, rent scooters to explore the whole place, marvel at dream beaches like Palancar Beach and scuba dive in the second largest coral reef in the world (Mesoamerican Barrier Reef).

In Tulum, a world famous tourist destination a few miles from Playa del Carmen, the crew slept in a beautiful hotel while exploring the adjacent jungle and historic Mayan ruins, such as the Pyramids of Cobá and later Muyil, at side of Sian Ka. ‘a natural park.

“While we were in Tulum we wanted to shoot many different spots but couldn’t because of the rain, we still managed to get some great tropical jungle shots” explains Edu Bastus.

the Insta360 The adventurers headed to the state of Yucatán, stopping first at Oxkutzcab to taste typical Yucatan delicacies like “relleno negro” and “cochinita pibil tacos” while having “agua de chaya “. A flat tire required the crew to go to a car repair shop on the way to Mérida but this did not cause any major unforeseen events for the trip.

Before heading to the wonder of the world Chichén Itzá, the team traveled to Izamal: “el pueblo mágico amarillo”, a charming village where every house is painted yellow. From there, they visited Valladolid and its surroundings snorkeling at “Cenote Hacienda Oxmán”, “Cenote Samula” and “Cenote Xkeken” (cenotes are huge caves filled with water where Mayan ceremonies took place).

In Holbox, the northern tip of the peninsula, the crew were completely shocked by the beauty of the island, they rent bicycles as well as a golf cart to have a good time while exploring “Punta Mosquito” (a sand tongue) and “Punta Cocos” (a coral cay) on the other side of the island.

As the film draws to a close, it also pays homage to one of Spain’s best-known musicians, “Paco de Lucía”, who makes a cynical observation about what it takes to be an artist of a very sarcastic way. Playa del Carmen (Mexico) is where Paco used to hang out and enjoy his time, before he passed away in 2014.

“Despite planning the whole trip a few weeks before and later the Yucatán rainy season, we made the most of the trip, I’m so happy with how the video ended” concludes Jordi Presa.

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