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Disrespecting Kansas Leaders, Baldwin Denim, Mission Gateway


Editorials and other opinion content offer viewpoints on issues important to our community and are independent of the work of our newsroom reporters.

behind the noise

The Jan. 2 editorial, “AARP has a conflict of interest regarding drug pricing legislation” (15A) reads like every other opinion that Big Pharma and its enablers recycle. If anyone has a conflict, it’s astroturf groups like Patients Rising, claiming to speak on behalf of patients but siding with the pharmaceutical industry.

For decades, seniors across the country have had to pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. Many have to choose between life-saving medicine or paying for other necessities such as rent or food.

Congress moved closer to solving this problem when the House passed the Build Back Better Act, which would finally allow Medicare to negotiate the prices it pays for certain prescription drugs. In all other markets, buyers and sellers negotiate. But Big Pharma has handcuffed Medicare for more than a decade, and that must change.

Here’s the truth: The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says reform would mean one in hundreds fewer new drugs over the next decade; meanwhile, millions of seniors would have more affordable access. Drugs only work if patients can afford them.

– John Hishta AARP Senior Vice President of Campaigns, Washington, DC

Editor’s Note: The column referenced here originally appeared as a guest commentary in the Chicago Tribune. It should have included a note identifying its author as executive director of Patients Rising, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization funded by drugmakers and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, a trade lobbying organization. .

Didn’t show up

I am so ashamed of U.S. Representatives Ron Estes, Jake LaTurner, and Tracey Mann of Kansas, who had neither the decency nor the integrity to attend the memorial rally at United States House on January 6. Rather than acknowledge the significance of this anniversary, they chose to sit on the sidelines with their fellow House Republicans.

Their disrespect towards the January 6, 2021 memorial observation is an insult to their constituents and to every Kansan. Our state deserves better representation than this.

– Lorre Rhoades Dysart, land park

unpopular truth

Thank you, Kansas City Star, for having the courage to publish the Jan. 2 front-page story, “Josh Hawley Vs. The Truth.” Supporting articles on identifying a lie and the degrees of lying, attack, and buffoonery refuted the Big Lie claims about the 2020 presidential election.

It is so important in the current climate to know how to decipher the facts of the opinion. I am proud to live in an area where the press will present unpopular information despite the likely negative consequences.

– Helene Hewins land park

Complex story

The January 5 front-page story, “Washed Out; Baldwin Denim, a Local Billionaire and the Demise of a Beloved KC Brand,” on the rise and fall of Baldwin Denim is an interesting saga but depicts a simple hero-villain outcome for an obviously complex company.

Businesses have twists and turns, all experience events that define their future, for better or for worse. But the results are usually a combination of decisions and market conditions, not simply “everything was fine and the new investors ruined it”.

I’ve seen companies that looked great in the public eye, but whose finances and business model were unsustainable. Baldwin having celebrities wearing his clothes and GQ praising his designs was great, but it would have been better if Forbes or the Wall Street Journal praised the company’s financial stability.

I’m sad to see this business close, but often the hardest decisions are the right ones. To imply that Baldwin’s failure was solely due to the involvement of Cliff Illig and his TIFEC LLC may have been an incomplete analysis.

– John Murphy belt on

Good work

Thank you for giving space to the interesting and informative article on the rise and fall of Baldwin Denim. Very well done.

– MK Mustard, Tapawingo Lake


I don’t care if commentators or contributors make logical or illogical statements on the cable news channels. They have the right to speak their mind under the First Amendment to the Constitution.

But when Vice President Kamala Harris compares what happened on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021 to Pearl Harbor to 9/11 or Civil War, she is completely wrong. The Japanese attacked us with military might. The twin towers were brought down by huge planes piloted by religious fanatics. The civil war left hundreds of thousands dead. Harris is totally out of touch with reality and must apologize to America for her inflammatory remarks.

If President Joe Biden wants to unite this country, he must be a president for the whole country, including those who voted against him. We are hurting in so many ways and have so many issues to deal with that are bigger than Biden or Donald Trump.

Please please. Will our leaders become facilitators?

-Lou Bresette, Kansas City

End in sight?

Doesn’t the city of Mission have a remedy with the Mission Gateway project, which has been stalled for a long time? (December 31, 1A, “What’s next for Mission Gateway as the city’s deal expires?”) Why must he continue to put up with the 16-year dropout of Tom Valenti and the Cameron Band of New York on Development ? I would like someone to explain the legality of this.

-Donna Rowland Lenexa

This story was originally published January 9, 2022 5:00 a.m.

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