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GATEWAY (2021) Irish Criminals Horror Film Review and Trailer

bridge is a 2021 Irish horror film about four criminals who discover there is something evil lurking in an abandoned house.

Written, produced and directed by Niall Owens. The Pic Du Jer Productions film stars Tim Creed, Kevin Barry, Laurence Ubong Williams, Fiona Hardy, Rosie O’Regan, Finbarr Stanton and Joe Lyons.

When four troubled criminals decide to set up their drug operation in an abandoned house, they find a mysterious locked room. As the house draws them each into this secret space, it confronts them with their deepest evil and darkest thoughts, ultimately pitting them against each other.

“Granted, the trope of the haunted house revolting against a band of unexpected intruders has been explored in countless movies, plays, and books, but Owens’ film is a concrete demonstration that the filmmakers haven’t always need to reinvent the wheel to make a gripping movie.. In particular, it proves that a few well-staged plot tricks and devices are enough to keep viewers hooked. Cineeuropa

bridge premiered in Ireland at the IndieCork Festival on September 19, 2021.
In the USA, bridge will be released by Dark Sky Films on a date to be announced.

Cast and characters:
Tim Creed … Mike
Kevin Barry … Joe
Laurence Ubong Williams … Eddie
Fiona Hardy … Hannah
Rosie O’Regan … The Woman
Finbarr Stanton … Robbie
Joe Lyons … Phil
Dafhyd Flynn … Climpy
John Ryan Howard … Jamie / The Man in Black
Jimmy Smallhorne … Cyril
Ryan McParland … Tex
Ian de Bri … Eric
Lucius de Bri … Lion
Maria de Bri … Sarah
George Hanover … Ellen
Marcin Lewandowski … Roman
Martin Lucey … Eddie’s father
Stuart McGrainor … Jon
Jed Niezgoda … Sergei
Aidan O’Hare … Gary
Stephen Owens … Gateway

Technical details:

€250,000 (estimated)


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