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Gateway Invites the Public to Culinary Arts Student Dining Events |


Gateway Technical College is once again offering its foodie event for the spring semester, a lunchtime experience featuring a meal prepared and served by the college’s culinary arts students.

They will take place in the Breakwater Dining Hall of the Lake Building on the Racine campus.

This year’s gourmet lunch will begin on Wednesday and will be held on Wednesdays until March 30. They are open to the public. The meal is $16, prepared and served by Gateway Culinary students during their final semester of the program.

Currently, students are taking reservations for February 23, March 2, March 9, March 16, March 23 and March 30.

The meal includes a non-alcoholic drink, a starter, soup or salad, starter, vegetable, homemade bread and dessert.

“Students have the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have acquired throughout the degree in this course,” said culinary instructor Adam Larkin. “Food students work all stations throughout the semester to gain experience they can use in the workplace and to introduce them to different positions they might not have had to work before. “

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The event gives students real-life experience of running a fine dining restaurant. Each week they create a menu and cook upscale meals served to real customers. Students are in a different position each time, so by the end of the semester they will have worked many of the roles in that type of restaurant. Clients provide feedback to students at the end of the meal, giving them insight into how their work would resonate with the public.

Larkin said positions include front and back of house work, waiting tables, pantry (preparation and plating of salads and appetizers), soups, vegetables and starches, appetizers, bakery and production manager.

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