Loan without Credit Bureau information and credit check

Anyone who does not pay an invoice can get a negative Credit Bureau entry. It can be a trivial matter and even if the case has long been closed, the Credit Bureau entry remains.

Such an entry has a negative impact on borrowing. Every German bank forever goes through a credit check, the most important part of which is demand from Credit Bureau. If you have problems here and have been rejected by several banks, you have to go other ways to get a loan without Credit Bureau information and credit check.

A credit without Credit Bureau information and credit check from Switzerland

If you want to avoid the annoying credit check, you can choose a loan from Switzerland or Liechtenstein. However, this loan is subject to certain conditions, so that not everyone is eligible. First of all, the applicant’s earnings must not be less than 1130 dollars and he must prove a regular income. The applicant must have been in current employment for at least one year, which can be demonstrated by the monthly pay slip. If you are unemployed or studying, you don’t need to read on at this point, because this type of credit is out of the question for you.

Anyone who is one of the beneficiaries will receive a credit without Credit Bureau information and credit check of 3500 dollars, which will be paid out immediately when all documents are submitted. The repayment is made in 40 constant monthly installments.

Inquiries to the house bank can definitely be worthwhile

The Credit Bureau information and so important for all lenders that there is hardly any other way around it. The only question is how this is weighted. If the problems were not very great, it may well be that a bank would still approve the loan without Credit Bureau information and without a guarantor. Sometimes, of course, the customer has to pay a little higher interest. In the search for a suitable bank, forums on the Internet help, because anyone who has faced a similar problem often posts it on the Internet.

Another way to get a loan without Credit Bureau information and without a credit check is to offer the bank a different security. In any case, it is important to actively address the problems with the Credit Bureau. By signing the loan agreement, the customer gives their consent to inquire at Credit Bureau and so the previous problems will come to light in any case. Another possibility is that the customer provides a guarantor, who then has to step in when repaying, if necessary.

A loan from a private lender

A good friend can take out a loan without Credit Bureau information and a credit check. As a rule, he will not ask Credit Bureau. Of course, not everyone has a good friend who is willing to lend a large sum. There are portals on the Internet where lenders are brought together with loan seekers. Of course, these borrowers also want to see collateral and the issue of Credit Bureau is always discussed here.

As above, the borrower must actively address his problems. If he hides it and the potential lender finds out afterwards, trust is often destroyed and borrowing becomes impossible. If you want to take out a loan, you can either search for a suitable offer or place an advertisement yourself.

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