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Rashford hires in-house security officer amid Man Utd security concerns

Marcus Rashford has hired a security guard to move in with him following a series of burglaries targeting Manchester United players, according to reports.

Victor Lindelof’s home was raided on January 19, during United’s game against Brentford, when his young family were at home. Two other teenagers in the US were burglarized around Christmas time, with one forced to move into a hotel until he was convinced it was safe to return to his apartment .

Rashford has already acquired a £25,000 guard dog, but he will further increase security levels by hiring a caretaker for his home, according to The Sun.

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A source told the publication: “Marcus got a bodyguard a while ago when his profile started to rise. But now the bodyguard is part of the furniture.

“It’s good for Marcus to know he has someone on call 24/7 given the regularity with which footballers are being targeted and in increasingly violent ways.”

In other United news, Ralf Rannick criticized his players for their debauchery in front of goal.

The Red Devils couldn’t see Watford in a Draw 0-0 at Old Trafford Saturday and Rangnick felt it was not for lack of opportunity.

“It’s like two lost points again that we should have easily won,” he said.

“I think we did everything except score. We had enough chances in both halves to win this match. But we didn’t, and that’s why, not for the first time, we lost two important points in a very important game.

“In the first half we had four clear chances which are normally enough to score at least one or two goals, and in the second half it was similar.

“At the end of the day it’s about efficiency, being clinical in front of goal, and unfortunately it’s not the first time.

“But other than that we were in full control of the game. They had one or two moments, but other than that we completely dominated the game.

He added: “If we only had two or three chances in the game, we might wonder what we can do to create even more of them. But I think the number of clear chances we had today must be enough to win a game like this.

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