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Real estate technology: the gateway to faster, easier and better real estate development

SINGAPORE, March 31, 2022 / — As property hunters demand a new way to view their properties, the need for an advanced listing service is growing exponentially. Now people can opt for different ways to display and showcase their properties, eliminating the need to approach multiple companies that often charge higher fees.

By adapting to the latest digital technologies and combining them with real estate marketing, agents and portals finally have a much better way to promote real estate. Property Technology is the one that can do all the necessities for them. They can showcase their properties, give clients a little tour and a better idea of ​​what the properties look like, with efficiency on top. Promoting can provide a much better experience for customers while effectively reducing the budget.

Understanding Property Technology

So what is real estate technology? Is it really a thing now?

Property Technology, for short PropTech, is a technology that is supposed to make everyone’s job easier. Real estate companies, agents or managers can leverage this technology to better present their projects to clients.

This technology is a beautiful result of the marriage of real estate marketing and modern technologies. Clients no longer have to visit properties on their own, spending their time and effort on uncertainty. Using the latest augmented reality and high-tech image capture technology, it is possible for them to view and explore properties without leaving their homes. They can visit the virtual staging which was created at any time.

Today, many real estate agencies are beginning to use this technology as an effective method to market their properties. Although still considered new, its potential to be the future method of real estate marketing globally is inevitable.

Residential Proptech and Commercial Proptech

There are two main segments of proptech: residential and commercial. Residential proptech facilitates the process between an individual and a real estate company for transactions. For example, residential proptech is used when someone is looking for a new house, renting an apartment, or paying real estate rent.

Meanwhile, commercial proptech is more like a B2B business model, for example, real estate marketing activities, construction operations, real estate investments, etc.

The history of Proptech

As 2ndKitchen explains, the origin of proptech is not officially known. However, in 2012, many companies that used this technology became popular. There were 72 real estate startups that were able to win US$221 million in venture capital.

In addition, 2012 was also the year of the creation of Compass, an online marketplace for the sale and purchase of residential and commercial real estate. The company successfully raised a Series A funding of US$20 million with a valuation of US$150 million.

This fantastic funding made Compass the world’s first proptech unicorn. The proptech trend is also increasingly popular today. Indeed, according to Crunchbase, there are already around 1,800 proptech companies that have collectively raised over US$50 billion in venture capital as of May 2020.

The technology continued to develop to the point of adapting to modern industry, where high-tech peripherals were introduced. By combining virtual reality technology, real estate agents can now create their own virtual staging that shows the actual condition of the property. The layout will be captured using the 360 ​​camera and later edited to include important information to better explain the property.

The benefits of PropTech

The first advantage of proptech is a more secure payment system compared to traditional real estate companies. In the past, property owners or managers received payment for rent through physical checks at the rental office. Now tenant payments will also be faster and more secure through this use of technology.

The next benefit of proptech is the ease of marketability of products by property owners or managers. The property marketing process is not an easy thing. The reason is strongly related to price; to better market the properties, they need more money.

However, there are now many proptech companies that use internet technology to market their products. For example, they can market their real estate through email marketing and content marketing such as social media or blogging.

Now, with the adaptation of VR technology, they can even create a virtual staging to provide a better visualization of the real state of the property. After capturing the layout using the 360 ​​camera, they can then modify it by adding information about specific spaces or rooms in the house, giving clients a better understanding of the location.

True, all this cannot be done without the help of a suitable tool. Realtors can opt for several best real estate technology tools; one of them is PropTexx.

About PropTexx

Let us take you on a journey to understand what PropTexx really is. PropTexx exists as a tool in the form of a website to solve many problems closely related to immersive media content. Real estate agents typically spend much of their time capturing the environment with 360° cameras, traveling to other locations to get floor plans, traveling to other locations to photo or video editing, hiring someone to create landing pages, etc.

PropTexx has successfully integrated all of these steps into one effective and fast treatment tool that can be had at a fair price. It is the all-in-one solution for real estate marketing that relies on artificial intelligence services that have been developed over long years of R&D and are strongly focused on trends and customer preferences.

By visiting the homepage, you can choose the plan that suits you best at a starting price in dollars. Everything, from the most basic to the most complete, is here. Choose the best services to create the best virtual staging to serve potential customers.

PropTexx helps real estate companies, agents, managers and professionals improve their methods of promoting real estate online. By using PropTexx’s service, anyone can now grow and sell more in this vast digital space by dramatically enhancing the visual experience for shoppers through virtual staging, virtual renovation, sky change options, And much more.


This PropTech technology is still in the development phase. As the market continues to embrace modern technologies, the true value of real estate technology will inevitably be seen.

Looking at the acceptance of proptech in the modern world like blockchain or the virtual world, it is obvious that major companies in the field of travel, real estate and leisure could deepen this technology.

By offering unique and immersive content to boost customer interaction, proptech is irresistible to various industries. Looking forward to the journey ahead.

Gennady Udod
[email protected]

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