Serious lightning credit

Why does the question arise whether it is a serious lightning credit or not? Shouldn’t lightning loans always be serious? These and similar questions arise for consumers who consider it important that a serious lightning credit is offered.

Those who are looking for quick money usually do not have as much time to do extensive research on the Internet. For those who need some important information on how to recognize a serious lightning credit, we have some valuable tips. If you remember that, you will no longer have a problem distinguishing serious from untrustworthy loan offers. Unfortunately, there are always consumers who fall for dubious offers. They usually end with the fact that no loan is granted but some costs have arisen.

A serious lightning credit – that is credit with an immediate payment

Consumers who become aware of advertising on the Fine Bank usually expect that they can get a loan that is paid out particularly quickly, almost immediately. If a payout with lightning transfer is offered, loan seekers can expect to have the money available within 24 hours. However, the serious lightning credit usually has its price.

What is different when processing lightning loans, why can it happen so quickly?

In principle, nothing works differently than with normal credit inquiries. The installment loan is a standardized banking product today. Every application must be checked and approved in advance. This process only takes seconds for creditworthy applicants because everything happens automatically. For credit that consumers apply for online, the Post Ident procedure is added. That is what slows down the process.

But nothing works without Post Iden, so consumers who are looking for quick money must always assume that it will generally take a few days for the money to be available. This is no different with an instant loan than when it is a serious lightning loan. Only the transfer can be made faster because a lightning transfer is initiated, which is paid out on the same day.

As a consumer, you shouldn’t fall for the promises of advertising. The word “lightning” is meant to suggest particular speed. In reality, however, everything happens quickly with instant loans anyway. The Fine Bank has only a different name, but is not another banking product. It could also be called instant credit or express credit.

Only the lightning transfer, which always costs a few dollars, can make the money available more quickly.

The Credit Bureau-free lightning credit is a bogus pack

The term lightning credit is used particularly frequently in connection with the advertising for Credit Bureau-free loans. However, advertising is exaggerated, especially for loans without Credit Bureau. Even a lightning credit without Credit Bureau with a 24-hour payment is advertised. But especially when it comes to Credit Bureau-free loans, the word “lightning” is inappropriate. Loans without Credit Bureau, no matter what the advertising promises, always take longer to become available than classic instant loans from providers based in Germany. A serious lightning credit without Credit Bureau is hardly feasible. The credit without Credit Bureau is always a special credit that only selected customers get, although the advertising promises otherwise.

Sigma Kreditbank AG from Liechtenstein is the only foreign bank that grants loans without Credit Bureau to German customers. But each loan request is checked individually and decided individually. There is no mass processing here. Ideally, it will take a few hours, but it can also take days for an application to be approved or rejected.

In addition, the Credit Bureau-free loan is also only a small loan. The bank grants either 3,500 or 5,000 dollars over a prescribed term of 42 months. The requirements that borrowers have to meet are sometimes stricter than in Germany. For example, no guarantors are generally accepted and a permanent position that has existed for twelve months must be proven.

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