Swiss credit without credit check

Many consumer wishes cannot always be fulfilled so easily because the necessary financial means are not available. But consumers cannot always wait until the money is saved before making a purchase. Consumer loans of all kinds are therefore the perfect offer for many consumers if they want to fulfill their wishes without saving in advance. This method is often referred to as saving backwards – simply buy it first and then “save” a fixed amount each month or repay it in the form of a loan installment.

For this to work, it is an important requirement that loan applicants are also creditworthy. This is not a problem for many consumers. Problems only arise for people who in the past have not served contracts with lenders or providers as agreed. Often, non-contractual behavior results in termination and the corresponding notification is sent to Credit Bureau, which means that if Credit Bureau is negative, it is hardly possible anymore to get a loan from banks unless other collateral can be provided. Those who are not creditworthy go empty-handed.

Is Swiss credit without a credit check something for unreliable borrowers?

More and more consumers in Germany have a negative Credit Bureau because they have failed to meet their payment obligations for a variety of reasons. Not every negative Credit Bureau is equally negative. While some have come to the negative entry in the Credit Bureau because they have not paid an unjustifiably high cell phone bill, other consumers have owed their installments to their lenders, so that in the end there was a cancellation of undisputed claims.

Each entry is rated differently. That is why it may be that some people get a loan despite a negative Credit Bureau. Others have to look for alternatives because German banks absolutely do not want to enter into any business relationship. A Swiss loan without a credit check is something for those who would in principle be creditworthy if they did not have the bad credit. That means: Swiss credit without a credit check is not a loan that is not checked at all. Foreign banks also have no money to give away. They are very careful that loans can also be repaid. A Swiss loan without a credit check therefore only describes a loan from which no Credit Bureau is obtained and then no report is sent to Credit Bureau

Consumers can prove their creditworthiness with Swiss credit without a credit check via their permanent employment with attachable income. That is the catch of the matter. The Swiss loan is by no means a loan that everyone gets. Consumers with poor Credit Bureau who are also unemployed or who receive Hartz 4 do not have the slightest chance of getting a loan abroad. Even if the advertising often suggests otherwise.

Beware of false promises in advertising

There are some dubious credit brokers who don’t take the truth very seriously. They promise potential customers that they can provide loans even in difficult and almost hopeless cases. However, this usually does not work. Many desperate loan seekers with poor Credit Bureau and no income are ripped off, but get no credit.

Details on Swiss credit without a credit check

The Credit Bureau-free Swiss loan is a small loan in the amount of 3,500 dollars or 5,000 dollars with a freely selectable term of 40 months. This Swiss loan is out of the question for recipients of wage replacement benefits, because here too, lending is not without security.

Possible alternatives for non-creditworthy customers

Alternatively, there may be credit without a credit check through the insurance company. If you have life insurance with a correspondingly high surrender value, you can lend it. Because the insured person then in principle only borrows his own money, neither Credit Bureau nor other creditworthiness matters. In addition, anyone who is not creditworthy in the eyes of the banks can ask friends or relatives for a loan.

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