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Western Gateway Park will provide artistic opportunities

Having an arts program as part of the local Penn Valley Youth and Adult Recreation Program is something the Western Gateway Park board of directors has wanted to see for some time. From January 2022, the park will host a series of art events and oversee the creation of art classes for all ages. For example, on January 22,

Local company Art by Destiny will offer the first of its quarterly three-hour watercolor workshops – Waking the Tiger in commemoration of World Watercolor Day.

Art by Destiny is an institution of the IWS Globe Art network – currently the largest art network in the world – with branches and institutions in over 110 different countries. Branches and institutions work in their respective countries to organize and provide opportunities for artists and non-artists to develop their skills, share their artistic endeavors and encourage artistic fellowship across the world. It was originally founded in 2012, with the sole purpose of bringing artists together in peace and harmony despite language and cultural barriers. Institutions and nonprofit branches are expected to organize art-specific events to help spread the joy of creating art and connecting with each other creatively.

“This workshop is only the first step in providing many opportunities for the local community to engage in the arts,” says Destiny. It provides for other artistic activities, such as drawing lessons, figure drawing, outdoor activities, competitions and exhibitions. There will even be opportunities to participate in international competitions or host demos given by master artists from around the world. At some point, she would like to incorporate embroidery, beading, and poetry into the activities.

While Art by Destiny has a global reach, it is first and foremost a local business, owned and operated by artist / watercolor artist Destiny Bradt with a heart to give back to the community. Destiny previously taught art classes and workshops through Atticus Framing and Art Supply, which she co-owned with her husband until 2015. She has over 25 years of experience teaching art and music. music to all ages, and after taking a few years off. to get a business degree, is very happy to resume teaching.

The workshops are designed for beginner to intermediate artists, with instructions and exercises to help develop basic watercolor techniques and skills. These techniques will then be applied to a project that will take up most of the allotted time. The three-hour workshop is scheduled from 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. at Buttermaker’s Cottage in Western Gateway Park. There is room for eight participants comfortably. Art materials and snacks will be provided.


by Destiny is also currently working with Lisa Thomas, a member of the Western Gateway Park board of directors, to plan and host the first annual art festival at Western Gateway Park, scheduled for June 25, 2022. This fun event will feature art, food, local wine and live music. . We will also include fresh baked goods and a local brewery. There will be a special area just for kids – complete with face painting, a bounce house, and hands-on art activities. The recent Holiday Craft Show held last November was a huge success with great reviews. “We expect the June event to be even bigger,” says Thomas. Western Gateway Park and Art by Destiny are currently looking for artists from Nevada County who would be interested in participating. 10 × 10 space = $ 35. The event will be open to the public free of charge.

If you are interested in any of these events or would like to participate in the Penn Valley Art Festival, please contact Destiny at [email protected]

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