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My husband asked me why I lock the car door when I’m sitting in the car.

My first instinct was to respond with “you wouldn’t understand”. Instead, I tried to explain to her that as women we are taught to always lock the door behind us.

My husband has a problem with locking the doors. It’s a constant problem. He forgets to lock the front door, car door, windows, etc.

This contributed greatly to my anxiety. Luckily I got him to buy an electronic door lock that automatically locks our front door and I’m just taking on the extra work to check if the porch door is locked.

I left the car. If someone breaks in, then maybe they’ll learn or maybe they won’t, but either way, I’ve decided to accept it preemptively and radically, should it ever happen. Let’s hope not.

At the end, I explained to him that he had never been taught to be suspicious or cautious because he was a boy. I told him that much of my anxiety was caused by his lack of caution.

That’s why I constantly asked him if the doors and windows were locked, even though it annoyed him. To him, it was me overreacting, but to me, it was just common sense.

He’s a wonderful partner and has made great strides in being more responsive. I hope now he understands why I feel safer with the door locked.

Customer reviews

  • I thought it was common sense to lock your car door, regardless of your gender.

Once a prostitute tried to get into my car.

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